Milton Chen with wife, Ruth Cox, after receiving the National Park Service “flat hat” as an Honorary Park Ranger, in front of the White House, 2016

Selected Awards

  • Legacy for Children Award, Children’s Discovery Museum, San Jose, 2019
  • Honorary National Park Ranger, 2016
  • President of NHK Prize, Japan Prize, Tokyo, 2015
  • Robin Winks Award for Public Understanding, National Parks Conservation Association, 2014
  • American School Board Journal, top 10 education book of 2010, for Education Nation
  • Lawrence Hall of Science, UC-Berkeley, Educational Innovation Award, 2010
  • Fulbright New Century Scholar, 2007-2008, University of Edinburgh
  • Robert Stephens Award for outstanding communication on public education,
  • Association of Educational Service Agencies (regional school superintendents), 2008
  • Fred Rogers Award, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 2005
  • Visiting Technology Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2003
  • Technology Leadership Award, Congressional Black Caucus, Washington, DC, 2001

You were selected from one of the most distinguished fields of candidates the AESA Award Committee has had the honor of considering. AESA is pleased with the outstanding research and writing that you have done on behalf of ESAs and public education.

(On receiving the 2008 E. Robert Stephens Award for communication in support of public education, given by regional school superintendents.)

Brian Talbott

Executive director, Association of Educational Service Agencies (regional centers supporting districts)

In recognition of your leadership and commitment to transforming park-based education to meet the needs of 21st Century learners; your extraordinary generosity with your time, talents, and relationships; and your contributions to the preservation of our natural and cultural resources for the benefit and enjoyment of this and future generations.

(On receiving the Honorary Park Ranger Award.)

Jonathan Jarvis,

18th Director, The National Park Service